Prodotti - bombole ed accessori
High-pressure steel cylinders
Bombole in alluminio ad alta pressione
Acetylene cylinders
Valves and accessories for cylinders
Cylinders stands high-pressure steel cylinder bundles
Bombole di Acetylene

Prompt delivery cylinders available in our warehouses:

Water Capacity (l) Gas Length (mm) External Diameter (mm) Thread Maximum working pressure (bar) Weight (Kg)
5 Acetylene 440 140 34X2 NF 15 11,1
14 Acetylene 720 176 34X2 NF 15 24,0
33 Acetylene 1210 204 34X2 NF 15 49,6
40 Acetylene 1515 203 34X2 NF 15 54,6

Cylinders can be equipped and accessorized for welding, pure and ultrapure gases and  lab applications.


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We can provide customized cylinders painted with
Ral and Pantone paints, always available, and complete with all fittings/accessories.
It is also possible to stamp texts and logos  and to further customize cylinders through serigraphic painting of the business logo.

Production Standards
Cylinders are manufactured in accordance with the European regulation 99/36/CE (T-PED). Certifications are provided with the cylinders.

Different connections and standards
Cylinders with different capacity, type (connection thread), work pressure and regulation (Dot, jpn,..) may be supplied upon request.

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