Cylinder bundles

For applications requiring greater storage capacity, Blugas offers "cylinder bundles", i.e. a homogeneous group of several cylinders connected together and placed inside a metal structure, which is approved for transport.

We have a wide range of cylinder bundles, wich can be supplied in different sizes, storage capacities, working pressures and types of gas.
Our bundles are developed directly by our in-house engineering department.
We combine field experience, technical expertise and state-of-the-art design to provide the customer with a product that fully meets the specific needs of the application at the lowest possible cost!

All our bundles are constructed with the help of hot-dip galvanized iron structures.
The cylinders can be painted in neutral colour or according to customer requirements. Special treatments can be applied for specific purposes, such as heavy-duty off-shore use, for example. The upper part can either be painted with the colour requested by the customer or in accordance to the specific type of gas used.
It is also possible to customize the cover with laser cuts made directly on the metal to indicate the customer's logo.
Our bundles have adequate space to apply specific tags or adhesive labels which the customer may want to utilize.

Our bundles are certified according to the European directive 2010/35/EU (T-PED) for road transport.
If necessary, these units can also be incorporated into fixed, PED-certified systems as an aid for gas storage.
Bundles for the medical sector are processed and treated according to the GMP rules recognised by AIFA.
The process of construction and assembly of food-gas containment systems follows a specific process established in the internal HACCP plan that allows us to provide certification of compliance with European Directive 1935/2004 for materials and objects in contact with food (MOCA). Blugas is registered in the appropriate regional register for food companies.
Upon request it is possible to manufacture pressure systems with certifications dedicated to the specific use.
Each of our solutions is always accompanied by a specific declaration of compliance with the applicable regulation.
Tailor-made solutions

We can deliver different solutions from 4 cylinders up to 30 units.
Each configuration can be equipped with one main shut-off valve or, alternatively, shut-off valves on each cylinder in the assembly.
The connection system can be made of copper or stainless steel coils and brass connectors on each cylinder.
We can also supply a cylinder connection system made entirely of stainless steel: approved up to 300 bar and reusable after each overhaul, it ensures the highest flow and maximum homogeneity for the mixing of the gas compounds. All our standard systems can either be configured to 200 or 300 bar, or for maximum pressure, with an integrated gearbox ensuring a high flow rate taking advantage of sampling points, created according to ISO standards (up to 300 bar) and UNI standards (up to 200 bar), with calibrated pressure as needed.
Our range of cylinder bundles have been designed to meet all of our customers’ needs.
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