Cylinders and Accessories

For Blugas the cylinder is not considered to be only container of gas but rather a container of primary substances, essential in the work and in the life of man.

Every day we work with competence and passion to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety.

A wide range of cylinders for every type of gas and for any application

For small and medium-sized end users, cylinders are a versatile and economical method for the supply of gas. They can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and configured for a wide variety of gases and mixtures. In addition to standard products, Blugas is also available to create customized products, designed and developed alongside the customer to address their specific needs.

The certifications are always provided to the customer.

Standard cylinders are manufactured according to the European Directive 2010/35/EU (T-PED). On request it is possible to supply cylinders with DOT certification or conforming to Russian standards.

Cylinders can be delivered with the following options:
  • With accessories: valve, protection cage and customized with external treatments and in specific colours.
  • Without accessories
All supplied cylinders can be delivered prefilled with any type of gas of any purity for technical or alimentary use.



High pressure STEEL cylinders

High pressure STEEL cylinders We only use high quality chrome molybdenum steels.

Every phase of their transformation, from the tube to the finished cylinder, is monitored and controlled with ultrasound, to guarantee the complete absence of any possible defects.

We do not limit ourselves to providing the customer with only the certificate but also provide a complete set of documentations that highlight all the phases of intermediate verifications during the construction process.

High pressure ALUMINIUM cylinders

The special structure of the aluminium alloy makes this cylinder lighter and easier to handle. The alloys and treatments used guarantee exceptional oxidation resistance and maximum compatibility with medical GMP regulations and European food directives (EU Dir. 1935/2004).

Seamless steel cylnders for ACETYLENE gas

We can supply seamless steel cylnders for acetylene clogged with porous mass asbestos free.

Cylinder baskets

We produce cylinders baskets in steel of either the standard type or to customer specifications.

For this product it is also possible to provide tailored customizations through laser cutting techniques or through the application of silkscreen prints.


We offer a wide variety of valves, which are always available (for technical, food and medical use), with standard or residual pressure, for the use with multiple types of gases.

Also available in our stock are: dip tubes made out of copper, steel, aluminium and plastic; filling adapters for valves; protection cages (removable, iron, ABS and nylon); spare parts and optional products for standard and fire-fighting valves.

Our creativity has no limits!

Innovative solutions for all your needs

With Blugas you can customize your cylinder!

Durable marking through stamping
Coating with specific colours and treatments, even for heavy-duty use
Placement of customer logos using screen printing techniques and painting with stencil masking
Production of resin labels and pad printed logos to be affixed on the valve protection caps
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